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Your will probably remember PeaceFM from the three 4-week broadcasts in recent years. Judging by the feedback forms, text messages, emails and phone-ins, these were very popular with local listeners. It gave a voice to the views and feelings of local people through talk, debate, interview and phone-in programs (which attracted, amongst others, Tony Blair, Hazel Blears, Rio Ferdinand, local MP Tony Lloyd and Police and Council officers). And it played some great music!Many people asked for more, and in 2008 an application to OFCOM for a 5 year licence for PeaceFM was successful. Under the umbrella of Carisma, Peace Full Media Ltd. has been set up to run PeaceFM. Preparations are now at an advanced stage and, all being well, PeaceFM will take to the airwaves on 90.1 from August 2009.
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