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Simply Hip-Hop Radio

Simply Hip-Hop Radio
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Playing around the clock all the latest and classics with live DJ’s, MC’s, updates and news from underground music scenes worldwide. was 1st launched as a real media stream in 1996. was later launched and hosted SimplyRadio until 1997. In 1997 the stream was launched as a stand alone website and a 24/7 station. We have been streaming in 1 form or another for 15 years with the Hottest DJ’s rocking on the 1′s & 2′s, Seratos, Final Scratch, Traktor, Deckadance, Virtual DJ, MAC’s, PC’s Ipods, Ipads and more. The world is an ever changing medium and we are open to all of the new tools at our finger tips if it can move the crowd then were not mad at it! We are using the power of cloud computing to bring you the best listener experience on the net!
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