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Image News
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Image News FM 103.6With the popularity of Image Television and FM, together with the already existing team of committed reporters and journalists, Image decided on another new venture. On 23 Sep 2008 ( 29 Bhadra 2065) a 24 hours news station, Image News FM 103.6 was established. It is dedicated to delivering fresh news and happenings from Nepal and across the world to its audience.The radio station runs with the motto - “All News. Always News.” – where news always play the central part in all of its programs and talk shows. From current affairs to sports, from finance to business, national and international issues, to criminal and entertainment news, Image News FM has it all. It is a special platform to get informed about immediate breaking news, public opinion and expert views through hard talk and public debate programs. Image News FM is not only concentrated on providing political news but with social agenda on its forefront it is also focused on providing...
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