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Positivity Cascade

Positivity Cascade
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POSITIVITY CASCADE is a radio station designed to promote calmness and chakra balancing through two different sessions of binaural tones mixed with the relaxing sounds of cascading water. The first session mixes the soothing sound of a cascading waterfall with binaural tones designed to promote calmness. We start with an 11 hz beat tone in the Alpha brainwave range, moving to 3.5 hz in the Theta range and finally to 8.5 hz back in the Alpha range which is associated with the resting state of the brain and calmness. The second session is aimed at balancing the seven chakras from Root to Crown. The brainwave entrainment frequencies are layered with relaxing waterfall sounds. The following frequencies are used: Root 228 – 8hz Sacral 303 – 9hz Solar 182 – 10hz Heart 256 – 10.5hz Throat 384 – 12hz Brow 288 – 13hz Crown 432 – 15hz To get the full benefit you should wear headphones to listen as it is the combination of what is heard in both ears that provides the binaural tone effect.
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