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Downtown Radio Tucson

Downtown Radio Tucson
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Downtown Radio is the public name for LPFM Downtown Tucson, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization designed to maintain a community-sponsored rock 'n' roll radio station. The call letters are KTDT-LP. We air on 99.1 FM in Tucson and is a hyper-localized station with a range of approximately 3.5 to 5 miles in every direction from the site of the antenna. We are on the air 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Downtown Radio fills a void by playing non-corporate rock 'n' roll, including local and independent artists. We feature other genres like jazz, hip hop, lounge, and talk on Sundays only. One talk show, "The Depression Session," has been featured on the front page of the Arizona Daily Star and on Arizona Illustrated on the local PBS channel. Additionally, we aim to improve the mental health of the community by inviting individuals from mental health agencies to come to the station and talk about what their organization offers. We attempt to indirectly connect those suffering from mental or emotional duress with the agencies that can help them as well as to reduce the stigma associated with stigma associated with seeking help for mental and emotional health issues. We air public service announcements, inform the community on local happenings, and occasionally work with youth.
99.1 FM
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