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Reggae Sound Crew

Reggae Sound Crew
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Orly Doman Benavides, founder and designer of "", born in the small town of Pacuare in Limón, Costa Rica. He is also the "Official** RSC Designer" for many, if not all, of the DJs' mixtapes covers and Logos.Along with the RSC DJs, Designer Orly is always looking for innovative ways to better his contributions to the group, and so helping the overall reputation of RSC.This website is created with the purpose of opening an easy -and most importantly- fun gateway between the group's DJs and their followers aswell as to welcome new cultures all around the world from genres like: Dancehall, Reggae, Roots, and Spanish Pop."My motto is 'What would I do with out music?', and to tell you the truth, I will go crazy", Orly Doman Benavides. Designer Orly explains that with his "awesome motto" and great appreciation towards the group's work is all he would ever need to be convinced to walk along side the group.
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