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Transmitting from Nigeria, UK, Jamaica, USA and other parts of the world, 234Radio comes with the changing phase of online radio broadcasting. 234Radio redefines radio broadcasting with a mix of DJs touch to quality radio programming, bringing unparalleled entertainment to you on the go, without geographical barrier. 234Radio brings you the listening experience of a lifetime. Yours will be a story of complete relaxation and entertainment as you talk, walk, eat and sleep 234Radio’s uninterrupted live streaming anytime and anywhere. With a mix of Alternative Music, Blues, Classical Music, Country Music, Electronic Music, Hip Hop / Rap, Inspirational, Jazz, Reggae, R&B / Soul and many more – your one-stop shop for music and entertainment is 234Radio. Listeners can access the online radio anywhere in the world on any internet-enabled device by visiting as well as our mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms. 234Radio is a brainchild of DJ O’kay, a seasoned DJ with over fifteen years of experience in radio programming. 234Radio…exporting Africa to the world.
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