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DJLHood.com is an online radio station and promotional network. We specialize in urban contemporary music featuring Rap, R&B, Hip Hop (Old school & New school) Mixtapes, Soul & Neo Soul, Soul Oldies( 60-70s), Production music, Soundscapes and Themes. You may hear anything from platinum selling artists to brand new breaking artist material straight from the laboratory. However, our online radio station is dedicated to seeking out new independent artists. We promote artists from all over the world. Based in southern California DJLHood.com is the result of years of hard work. L.Hood is the Founder, President and CEO of the station. He is a proven leader with multiple talents in entrepreneurship, publishing, media, development, production, mixing & mastering. All artists that are lucky enough to get on the playlist rotation and are members of one of the performing rights organizations will get their royalties. Our playlists are reported and all of our content is fully licensed....
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