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Yesterday USA Radio Blue

Yesterday USA Radio Blue
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YUSA is on the air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and operates on "two-week cycles". During each two-week period a total of 87 hours of LIVE and/or recorded programming is prepared and presented. The format is public domain OLD TIME RADIO SHOWS all day long everyday, with a LIVE Broadcast each night at 10:30 PM Eastern Time. 24 of the 87 hours are created by a staff of over 25 dedicated volunteers (such as Ronnie Milsap, Frank Bresee and others). The volunteer DJ's record their presentations (containing the Old Time Radio shows) in their home studios, and then send their recorded tapes to the YUSA Studios. These tapes are then assembled onto 16 ninety minute Master Program Tapes, which are aired via a computer controlled the NEW Automation System invented by Bill Bragg, Rick Porter, Roger Wentzel and Frank Smith. The Rotation Schedule (available only to Supporting Members) is such that the listener can tune in during the same ninety minute period each day; and always hear something new and different! The 63 remaining hours (87 hours minus 24 hours contained on the 16 Program Tapes) consists of the nightly LIVE Broadcasts and Special Programs.
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